September 16, 2008

You Are All Insane

The "you" in my title refers to those of you seriously invested in the political system as it exists in the United States, and who strongly root for one "side" over the other. Those of you who so desperately wish to "save" or "reform" the current system -- and who continue to believe that such is possible with regard to fundamentals -- have so alarmingly perfected derangement that it causes me to wonder if you are alien beings sent here to destroy all vestiges of life as we know it. As I've explained in numerous essays, the drive to an authoritarian-corporatist state at home and endless criminal wars of aggression abroad is fully bipartisan. The ruling class has rigged the game completely in its favor. All of this began over a century ago, and it will not be fundamentally altered or ended until one or a series of major cataclysms threatens the existing system of governance on a foundational level, and/or internal corruption rots the present structure so deeply that it cannot continue. You may consult your history books for many examples of the trajectory I describe.

Forgive me. I forgot that "history" began when you were 12 or 13, perhaps when you first noticed a political ad on television. It is for such reasons that I would consider voting for the person who proposes the total and permanent eradication of political ads and television. Throw in radio, and we've got a deal. But for those so consumed with politics, as if meaningless, insultingly stupid charades in a dead republic carried any significance whatsoever, it is as if nothing worth noticing or thinking about could possibly have happened before the glorious moment when they arrived on this speck of dirt.

So my consideration of the election which now enters its second decade -- I know it seems longer, but it's actually only year eleven -- is that of a dispassionate observer, dispassionate not in the sense that I do not care deeply about the significant issues that underlie more superficial events, but in the sense that the particular outcome is of very little concern to me. Whoever wins, whichever party ascends to or preserves temporary dominance, doesn't matter a damn. Certain policies in very delimited, narrowly circumscribed areas may change, but nothing fundamental will. I watch people tear themselves to pieces, rant and rave about who's a bigger liar, who's more corrupt, who's too old, who's too scary (for whichever of 10,000 reasons, race and sex being only two), who represents true "change" (neither, you moronic dolts), imagine doomsday scenarios if "their" candidate doesn't win and The Evil Overlords of Hell, Damnation and Everything Bad That Ever Was (also known as "the other party") take the reins of powers, and I think...


And then I read comments like the following. This is from an "email blast" concocted by a droid employing the name, "Laura Ingraham." Reading the entire missive (have that bottle of single malt in your hand, forget a glass) will provide the broader perspective of full-bore insanity. Ingraham is disagreeing with David Brooks and his appeals for a ruling conservative elite. Ingraham is in favor of "populism." If Ingraham herself is included in that particular populace, drink that whole bottle of single malt in the next ten minutes, firmly grip the gun, and shoot yourself now. Not that the fuller context makes any of this more coherent, or coherent at all. And these two sentences have destroyed my will to live:
The truth is that it is no longer possible to govern this country through a conservative elite. We have a radical elite, an elite that believes in climate change, gay marriage, unrestricted abortions, and the United Nations.
Some of those who travel in the polluted political waters professionally or as commentators or bloggers of "importance" are smarter than others. Some very occasionally offer an argument that is not completely unrecognizable as human speech. But, in brief...


I rest my case.