September 13, 2008

When All Patience Is Gone

I see that there have been discussions here and there recently about this little tale of mine. No links. I have very few general rules here. Not encouraging rank stupidity, particularly when stupidity is coupled with vicious contempt and primitive insults offered as the height of intellectual brilliance and insight, is one of them.

Some people believe that "The Tale that Might Be Told" represents an explicit political program, a course of action that I see as leading to a peaceful future. They believe this is how I think events might actually unfold in certain circumstances. I don't know precisely why a reader would think any of that, but there is no accounting for the foul excretions of certain people's stagnant minds.

I have no intention of explaining my methods and purposes in that post. Most people -- including, I regret to say, many of my own readers, to judge from my email -- have no idea how to read, and even less idea how to think. This causes me to conclude that I should provide a warning of sorts. I am working on a number of new essays. The subjects are ones of enormous complexity. The posts will be -- horrors! -- long. I will try to make the arguments as clear and easy to follow as I can, but the ideas will remain difficult in the extreme.

In the past, I have written essays that deal with certain issues related to those I will be examining in greater detail. Very few people were interested in them. Even fewer appeared to understand them. Some of the fault may have been mine, but certainly not all of it was.

In brief: for most of you, what will be published here over the next month or two will be of little or no interest. You may go away now.

I won't be changing the approach or character of my writing, except that future articles might perhaps be regarded as being truer to the implicit nature of my major past essays. For me, this represents progress. For many of you, this will be serious bad news. Or maybe just boring news.

In any case, if the above description applies to you in a way you recognize, you may go away now.

I'll write for the 14 or 15 of you who remain (despite everything, I am still optimistic), and for myself.