September 25, 2008

Well, The World Isn't Going to End Tomorrow

Hmm. It probably isn't going to end tomorrow. Just in case, let's meet for drinks (and drinks and drinks and drinks!) this evening. Seriously (!!!), I've made that point repeatedly; see here, or here in longer form. Barring large-scale catastrophes -- and the dolts in D.C. doing what they've been doing for many decades, albeit in more extreme form today, doesn't count -- our lives will most likely bumble along for some time to come. There will be increasing anxiety, deteriorating overall quality of living, greater madness at the edges, slowly spreading over a larger area of our existence, but, hey. You'll still have American Idol or its equivalent. You'll still have a job (of sorts), a home (of sorts), and life (of sorts) will go on. Probably.

And...I have to pay rent next week. Again! Those months keep coming, just like the hits. So, where is that post explaining the wondrousness that is my life....yeah, here it is. Things are basically the same now as they were in January 2007 -- except that my overall health is considerably worse, so the details of my day-to-day existence get pretty ugly now. Oh, it's going to be very hot here in Los Angeles today and probably through the weekend. The heat tends to completely wipe me out at this point, so posting might be a little slow for a few days. And the essays I'm working on -- such as the completion of this one -- are very difficult in the best of circumstances. Which these circumstances are not. If my body manages to make it through another year (don't place bets on it), I will have to get an air conditioner that actually works next year. I don't know how I'll survive another L.A. summer otherwise. (There is something called an air conditioner parked in one of my bedroom windows. It barely works at all, although it does gush forth an astonishing amount of water.)

But I'm not going to die tomorrow. Or even in the next few months. (Probably.) And people say I'm a pessimist! Poopyheads. So I need to pay rent and utilities. Food would be nice. I realize this is a rotten time to ask for donations, since everyone has started stashing those rolls of greenbacks (or piles of silver and gold, if you're seriously planning ahead) in their mattresses. But we're all in this together! It's our patriotic duty to help Amurka survive! Joe Biden said that, so it must be true. Probably none of you is flush any longer, so I figure if 80 people or so donate $10 each, I can manage to get by for another month. Things will be tight, but do-able. Yes, I survive on next to nothing. Life is grand. And consider this: if you've been following my writing over the last several weeks, I told you everything that would happen with the bailout and why before it happened! You can't pay for smarts like that! But you can try. Hahahaha. Gotta keep our sense of humor.

My deep gratitude as always to all those who have made donations and who support my work in various ways. And my thanks for your consideration in listening to my request on yet another occasion. PayPal and Amazon links will be found at the upper right.

Many thanks for your time.