September 24, 2008

The Only Appropriate Response

Although this has been standard operating procedure for the State since the State first appeared on Earth -- not only in the United States, and not only during Republican administrations (hardly) -- you don't see this noxious mechanism expressed so clearly and crudely all that often:
At Wednesday's House hearing, Rep. Steve LaTourette cut to the chase, summing up the frustration of members who think their constituents aren't getting the gravity of the situation from the dispassionate Bernanke and Paulson show.

LaTourette began talking about "my guy on the couch" back home in his district who was hassled by his boss and angered about doubts he'll be able to get a new car, keep his job, retain his credit card and save for his daughter's education.

"He's scared because he's the first generation who can't pass on the American dream to his daughter," said the Ohio Republican -- adding, "In order to accept this plan...he needs to be more scared."

Paulson obliged.

“He should be angry and he should be scared – and I think right now he’s angrier than he is scared,” said Paulson “And it puts us in a difficult position—no one likes to be painting an overly dire picture and scaring people, but the fact is that if the financial markets are not stabilized the situation can be very severe as it relates not just to his current situation – but keeping his job… this is a serious situation and one he should be concerned about.”
I would prefer not to be rude repeatedly, but sometimes you don't have a choice.

Fuck you, Steve.

Fuck you, Hank.

Gee, I told Hank that just a few days ago.

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And in a little while, we will be further enlightened by Mr. Bush. We are blessed.