September 08, 2008

Dear Christ in Heaven

Once, we were told to call him "Commandant."

Currently, however, he has only recently discovered that he's Commandant without Portfolio, or perhaps Commandant with the Teensiest Eeniest Portfolio that Ever Was:
So, right now, as I think Matt accurately wrote last night, the progressive grassroots has been temporarily reduced to having no role other than giving money, registering voters, and amplifying someone else's message.


Now, however, even though the system really hasn't changed all that much, we are just foot soldiers who take orders from the system, instead of radicals who are transforming it.


Still, there is something holding me back. I don't have the same relish for these activities that I had even two years ago. It is not just being demoted from the position of the revolutionary avant-garde of American politics to imperial cannon fodder. It isn't that I don't agree with Obama on everything, since I long ago came to accept vast policiy [sic!] and ideological differences with leading Democrats. It is, I think, that the people I am working for keep telling me how great my opponents are. Not only are we imperial cannon fodder, but our generals keep telling us how great the people shooting at us really are.
Stupid doesn't begin to describe this. This is more in the category of mind-and-universe-obliterating, the-most-gigantic-elephant-that-ever-existed-shit stupid. Even that is being unconscionably generous.

We didn't quite ever get that business about the ruling class, did we, fellas? No, we didn't. Not a clue. And we certainly didn't begin to understand that Obama is the perfect embodiment of the ruling class, or the profound damage that Obama's candidacy represents and that his election would ensure.

"The revolutionary avant-garde of American politics..." I am not young, and I am not unsophisticated or unread. But I can't recall a time when "political activists" of all persuasions have been this relentlessly, trivially stupid. They appear to work at their stupidity with enormous dedication. Diligence pays rewards! And that such ungraspable stupidity is combined with pretentiousness and grandiosity of monumental proportions ... well. Well, well, well.

More seriously, and as noted in the earlier post, never forget that what these people want is power -- which always means, which must mean, they want power over other human beings. Think about people who are this remarkably unintelligent and this small-minded with power over your life. I suggest you think about it very, very carefully.

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