June 17, 2008

Will You Ever Have Enough?

In the name of Christ, why did any of you ever, ever believe for one moment that a regime made up of genocidal murderers would mete out justice to fellow genocidal murderers?

Will you ever have enough? Will you ever be sufficiently disgusted and sickened to stop supporting such an infernal, immoral, murderous system of government?

I will repeat what I said in a post concerning an earlier part of this particular episode in our continuing descent into hell. I cannot say it better than this, and it bears repeating. From "Morality, Justice and Life Destroyed: Lies and Slaughter Without End":
After I published that and similar pieces, a number of people wrote to me, questioning my insistence that atrocities like Haditha were widespread and that they had to be widespread, given the nature of war and the nature of our actions. More and more evidence of the monstrousness of what the U.S. has done and what it continues to do today has slowly made its way into the light, although only at the very edges of our national debate, far from the "mainstream." The information is available, as it has been from the beginning and before the beginning. But you have to search for it.

Most Americans are not interested in any of that, or in the truth of the U.S.'s sickeningly bloody immorality. We remain "the last, best hope of Earth," inherently superior to all other nations and all other peoples in history. The U.S. imposes justice on everyone else. We are the United States -- we are the perfect embodiment of justice. It is redundant and meaningless to suggest that justice be applied to our own actions.

The Democratic Congress has made certain that no one in the Bush administration will ever be held accountable for his crimes. The standards that apply to the ruling class also apply to their chosen instrument of death, our military. With rare exceptions, and only in the cases of the most insignificant military personnel on the lowest rungs of authority, no one will be held responsible. All of those in Congress who continue to fund the ongoing genocide are accessories to murder. They are all drenched with blood.

No new president will alter any of this. And yet we pretend that this election may result in significant changes. We lie to ourselves all the time, for we cannot survive in any other way. Meanwhile, the United States government prepares to do it all again, perhaps on an even wider scale.
And still, our ruling class, including the criminally corrupt media, and the overwhelming majority of Americans must have their lies.

They can look to their non-existent, puny, fictitious, piece of shit God for forgiveness. No semi-decent human being should ever provide it to them.

P.S. And about the utterly loathsome Democrats: fuck them.