June 15, 2008

Short Posts I Should Have Written

Late Friday or during the day yesterday (Saturday, can't remember exactly when), I thought of putting up a short post. I simply would have linked to an earlier essay, "Myths of New Orleans: Poor, Bad Blacks -- Who Got What They Deserved," and asked: How long do you think it will take for some bloggers to say that, of course, Iowans have behaved with great heroism and courage, which is in stark, huge and hugely significant contrast to how all those pathetic losers in New Orleans acted?

And what could possibly explain the difference? Why, I'm sure I have absolutely no idea.

Should have done it. Here you go:
Fox News is calling it "Iowa's Katrina." ...

The thing is, though, the people of eastern Iowa seem to be stepping up in the Iowa stubborn way. I have seen any number of man-on-the-street interviews, and nobody is complaining. They all seem to be working to solve their problem, which is not surprising because Iowans do not complain about tragedy. They complain about hot weather and dry weather, but not tragedy. And I have looked for reports of looting and come up empty so far.

Katrina has become a metaphor for many things beyond natural disaster, including governmental and individual incompetence (depending on your point of view). In Iowa there is a 500 year flood, but the people are not paralyzed, whining, or looting. There will be no massive relief effort from around the world, and nobody will step up to help Iowans except for other Iowans. Yet years from now, there will be no Iowans still in FEMA camps.

The difference is not in the severity of the flood, but in the people who confront the flood.
(Via...one guess.)

I know, it shouldn't even need to be said that we're not, not, not a racist nation. Well, gosh, we can't be, cuz Obama sez so! Does he ever! But then, that is what a white guy is gonna tell you, isn't it?

Have I caused enough trouble? And in a short post, too!

Time to eat then.