April 01, 2008

Dreaming of A Stateless World

Oh, my God. I mean, oh, my God.

I am so loving this. You have no idea. Some of you do. That's because you're terrible people, too. I can work with you.

"You're a racist!" "I am not, you elitist pig!" "Are too!" "Am not! You are!" And bowling.


This is staggeringly impressive shit. I would never have dared to dream this big. I have beautiful, wonderful dreams, but even when I'm imagining how the world might be if a critical number of people made very different choices, I have limits, know what I mean?

Democrats are now in hell. Hell without limits. This is so great. I might decide to believe in God after all.

Make my dream come true. Please, please, oh, please. Keep this up for another few months, we'll find some way to make McCain have a complete schizo breakdown in public, and then...

Almost. No. One. Will. Vote. At. All. (See here, too.)

Heaven, I'm in heaven...

Okay, one more thing. My very favorite part of Marsh's racist-elitist-bowling contribution toward paradise is when she notes this recent declaration from The Messiah -- you know, The Messiah Who's Going to Change Everything,...except, maybe, eh, not so much:
Barack Obama promised that his foreign policy would be a return to what he says was the realist approach practiced by George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. "My foreign policy is actually a return to the traditional realistic policy of George Bush's father, of John F. Kennedy, of in some ways Ronald Reagan," he said Friday.
Now, see, this is what I love about the two camps of today's Democrats. On the one hand, the Taylor Marsh racist-elitist-bowling camp is not at all satisfied with this -- because it doesn't go far enough! Marsh introduces that little excerpt with this line: "It also takes more than words to convince us..." Just words, girly man! Not enough!

And after the excerpt, she sez:
That's particularly true when the actions and evidence of demonstrated toughness are missing.

Casting aspersions on blue collar men and women who are cautious on national security by calling them racist, especially when it's the progressives stuck neck deep in 1950s sexism, is why the Democratic party keeps losing presidential elections.
Don't you just love this? "Demonstrated toughness"! "Progressives stuck neck deep in 1950s sexism"!

Maybe there is a God.

On the other hand -- you know, the hand with all those progressive-y fingers sticking out of it -- what to do with Obama's affirmation of the glories of "the traditional realistic policy" of George I, JFK and Reagan?! I briefly scanned several of the big liberal-y, progressive-y blogs and maybe I missed the detailed discussions of what this might mean about The Messiah Who's Going to Change Everything, but...they don't seem to be talking about this! At all! Wotta surprise!

Eminently understandable, though. What are they going to say? "Oh, he's just saying that because he has to, to get elected! He doesn't actually mean it." So he's a big, fat, typical politician? The Lying Messiah? Or perhaps, just perhaps, he does mean it? But ... but ... but ... what would that mean? Obama the Magnificent will be fully committed to continuing the decades-long, bipartisan foreign policy of aggressive interventionism by any and all necessary means, so as to guarantee the consolidation and continuation of American global hegemony?

Oh, baby, I think that's it. Be sure to read that Floyd post. Seriously.

Oh, baby, yeah: that's definitely it.

So, yes, ignoring it is your best bet if you're a progressive-y finger on that other hand.

Please, please do carry on with all the hyperventilating, oh-so-serious flim-flammery. This is almost better than...never mind. But it's almost better than that. I never, ever thought I'd say that about anything.

Heaven, I'm in heaven...