March 18, 2008

Barack -- and America -- Are Teh Awesome!

Pass me the scotch, right now:
I do want to say that this searing, nuanced, gut-wrenching, loyal, and deeply, deeply Christian speech is the most honest speech on race in America in my adult lifetime. It is a speech we have all been waiting for for a generation. ...

And it was a reflection of faith - deep, hopeful, transcending faith in the promises of the Gospels. And it was about America - its unique promise, its historic purpose, and our duty to take up the burden to perfect this union - today, in our time, in our way.

I have never felt more convinced that this man's candidacy - not this man, his candidacy - and what he can bring us to achieve - is an historic opportunity. This was a testing; and he did not merely pass it by uttering safe bromides.


I love this country. I don't remember loving it or hoping more from it than today.
See my post earlier today (and this one from yesterday) for some preliminary background thoughts as to why this is a load of stinking, mind-obliterating horseshit.

Sullivan has to be one of the most astoundingly ignorant and vaporous windbags in a media world populated with an endless number of similar types. I suppose that's an achievement of sorts. Honestly, though, he ought to write a cheap, sleazy Hollywood gossip column if he intends to continue this way. No offense to cheap, sleazy Hollywood gossip columnists, some of whom were infinitely better stylists. And more complex thinkers, for that matter.

Alas, there is not enough scotch in the world...