February 21, 2008

Another Left-Right Convergence

[Update: Julian Sanchez on Lessig's possible run.]

This is intriguing: Lawrence Lessig has formed an exploratory committee to run, as a Democrat, for the Congressional seat vacated as the result of Tom Lantos's death.

What is additionally intriguing is that Lessig is attracting interest from conservatives, as noted by Mark Hemingway at The Corner. I've greatly admired Lessig's work on intellectual property matters, and Hemingway correctly identifies the heart of the matter: "Lessig has long argued (and rightly, I think) that how the U.S. law treats these issues is stifling innovation and it's a major problem that stems from the undue influence of both big government and big business." Right on!

Hemingway concludes:
Obviously, Lessig is a brilliant scholar who's unusually engaged and forward-thinking on a number of vital issues that are currently getting short shrift in Washington. That doesn't necessarily translate into skill as an effective politician, but his decison to run is a very interesting development that bears watching.
As I said, intriguing.

See? Short! And not the teensiest bit depressing! I can change. It's change you can believe in! Send me money!

(Some emailers complain that I insulted and impugned at least parts of my audience in various ways, here. Forfend, ye mighty gods! I thought it was understood and assumed that everyone who actually reads me is a superlative human being, possessed of frighteningly discerning intellect and unsurpassed, heart-stoppingly beautiful physique, with a moral character that is ungraspable in its perfection. Like me! :>))

In future, I obviously must refrain from identifying the ultimate meaning of certain acts that a few of my readers might choose to engage in ... say ... hmm ... ah ... well ... still voting for Democrats out of some general belief that they represent "the lesser evil." Just, you know, to pick an example out of the blue, blue sky. So whatever you do, don't read this! Or this! I said don't read them! And for God's sake, don't follow the links or look through the archives!

Now, come on. If you aren't going to listen to me, you really shouldn't complain. But if you're still reading, you're still, always, superlative!)