November 26, 2007

But Seriously...

I had some mordant fun last week with fundraising at various places. I was feeling somewhat, ah, profane, in addition to which I was deeply annoyed that it was proving so difficult for to meet their quarterly goal. is one of only two or three alternative sources on the internet where you can find a comprehensive, worldwide listing of important news stories, together with first-rate commentaries by their own writers and links to still more articles.

So I'm very relieved to see that finally met its goal. I chipped in $15 myself, which I could ill afford. But some things are much more important to me than several meals, and seeing continue in its work is one of them. And look! They even have a link to an article by yours truly! (This one.) They are spectacularly discerning people over there. :>))

While I'm very happy for's success, my own news is rather glum. In response to that post last week, eleven people -- my very small core of incredibly generous, fantastically supportive readers, plus a few new donors, to all of whom I offer my deep gratitude -- made donations. And that was it. As a result, the cats and I will eat for the next few weeks, and I can pay basic bills (electricity, phone, internet service, and one or two others).

And I have very, very little toward the December rent. This is, as you might say, bad news. Remarkably bad news. It also comes at a time when I feel well enough physically to get some substantial writing done on close to a daily basis. I think the "Final Descent" series, the latest installment of which will be found here, is going very well, and I do say so myself. And I'm just getting to the good part! (That's true, in fact. In my own admittedly extraordinarily biased view, I think that series and the upcoming installments in particular may turn out to be among my most valuable essays.)

So, that's the pitch. If you want the unpleasant details and background on all this, this entry and this more recent one from two months ago will fill you in.

As always, I am sorry for the unpleasant interruption, and I extend my most grateful thanks to all of you for your indulgence and your very great kindness.