October 30, 2007

Even Worse than I Had Thought

With regard to my "Final Descent" series (and Part I is here), which deals in large part with the tasering of Andrew Meyer at the University of Florida: yes, I am aware of these latest developments, including Meyer's various apologies.

I'll deal with this in due course, when I continue the series in the next few days. None of this changes my basic judgment about what happened here, and what its significance is -- except that Meyer's apologies cause me to view our current situation as considerably more fragile and more dangerous than I had thought, and my judgment was already extremely negative. I don't care in the least that Meyer himself and the various institutions and authorities involved may now consider this matter closed: it is certainly not closed to me, nor should it be to anyone who appreciates the dynamics involved. On certain occasions, our actions take on a significance that we ourselves may not have originally intended, and a significance that we may be eager to later disclaim. But the significance remains, together with the ominous warning.

More to come on all this very soon.