September 02, 2007

The Repellent Whimpers of the Self-Castrating Liberal Netroots

A master political strategerist ominously warns:
Democrats promised to get tough in September. They promised it time and time again.

They better deliver.
Or what? OR WHAT?

You gonna vote Republican? C'mon, you're not gonna vote Republican. Hell, you even mock, denigrate and insult Dennis Kucinich -- the only Democrat who actually wants to end this criminal nightmare.

And guess what? The Democrats know you'll continue to support them, NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO. Don't talk tough when you're a moral coward and a self-castrated political "thinker" (I use the term with criminal vagueness). It makes you a ridiculous laughingstock, which is what you've been for a long time for those people with even a tenth of a functioning brain.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and their mindless netroots drones continue to pretend to fight the last battle, the outcome of which has been indisputably clear for a few years now. As for the coming descent into hell -- the U.S. attack on Iran -- they are all dishonorably absent without leave or, infinitely worse, enthusiastically supporting the coming of Armageddon.

Check out, which today has four -- count 'em, four -- links to news stories about the confrontation with Iran:

Pentagon "Three-Day Blitz" Plan for Iran

Will President Bush Bomb Iran?

Nuclear Watchdog Chief Warns of "Last Chance" for Iran

Iran Reportedly Bombs Villages in Northern Iraq

And about all this, which has been inexorably developing over the last several years, what do the liberal netroots have to say? What do they offer by way of opposition? Why, next to nothing. To oppose the plans for expanding war -- plans which have been blindingly obvious for years -- they would have to be able to think and plan ahead about an issue of momentous significance. This, of course, is against their intellectual scruples and moral convictions, such as they are.

In record time, the online liberal netroots have proven to be a continuation of morally corrupt, intellectually bankrupt, and ultimately meaningless Washington politics by allegedly "new" technological means. There is no "there" there. A big, fat zero.

Nothing at all, except a repellent exercise in vacuous bloviating and narcissistic self-absorption and self-congratulation.

Well done, suckers. You're helping to lead the way to the next world war. Aren't you just swell.

Remind me someday to tell you what I actually think about these specimens of inhumanity who, at a critical moment in history, have rendered themselves worthless beyond all hope of redemption.