August 09, 2007

You Want Evidence? We Got Evidence!

Evidence, that is, for the thesis of "Blinded by the Story: Liberals and Progressives as Political Creationists" (about which, much more shortly from yours truly).

Despite her stances on Iraq, on Iran, on the use of nuclear weapons, on trade, on labor issues, and so on and so on [see here], Democrats still overwhelmingly favor Hillary. You may be thinking, ah, yes, but what if newly-anointed liberal savior Al Gore enters the race? But if you read the detailed results you'll see that that puts Hillary at 42%, Obama at 19%, and Gore in third place at a mere 18% (so even the combined total for Obama and Gore falls short of Hillary's). And while you're there you'll also see that Dennis Kucinich is sitting comfortably in the basement at 1%--down from his July 6-8 high of 2%.

So boiling it all down, Democratic voters are not liberal, they don't want to vote for liberals, they embrace a conservative Democratic candidate even over tepid faux-liberals, and they resoundingly reject the only genuine progressive alternatives that are available to them. So there are no pleasant surprises (even mild ones) on the horizon in terms of Democratic politics--just more of the same. That isn't a shocker, of course, but it's important to recognize because it's important to keep your head clear about these things, especially as pre-election hype begins to crest.
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