August 11, 2007

Too, Too Funny

This. Nice graphic. It reminds me of my observations about a couple of other "progressive" leaders, here and in the middle part of this essay. (Which is not at all to say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Some of us manage to avoid that particularly idiotic trap. You can, too!)

But it's all smoke and mirrors, finally signifying nothing of lasting significance. The ruling elites do not change, whether the Democrats or Republicans are nominally in charge, nor do their most critical goals. There are certain differences, of course, and they can be of considerable importance to specified groups; about what those differences consist of and their significance, I will have more in the next day or two.

I note that the Kossians appear to be of a divided mind about this recent "controversy," in an endless series of similarly diverting and meaningless "controversies." They can't decide whether to be mad at Kos for buying into a "Rovian meme," at the Townhall writer, Webb himself, or some combination thereof. My own view concerning the purported basis of Webb's monumentally ignorant support for the FISA legislation is here. But of course, we still -- always! -- need to elect "more and BETTER Democrats!" That's, like, an axiom.

I know it's wrong of me to find it all so entertaining. I'm only human.

Pixel fight! Go, team, go! The further entrenchment of the corporatist-authoritarian state awaits!