August 31, 2007

The Pathetic Words: Too Late

[Updated at the end.]

This will be short, and very rude.

Ray McGovern asks: "Do We Have the Courage to Stop War with Iran?"

Answer: NO.

Sorry, Ray. Sorry, world. As I have explained at some length, and as the King quote at the conclusion of McGovern's article has it, it is already too late. It may not have been in February of this year, but it is now.

Tragic beyond measure, but it's the truth.

And my God. Is anything more pathetic than the liberal-progressive bloggers who continue to shill for the Democrats? They still are completely without a clue. [Note this comment in particular, about "normaliz[ing] the propaganda" and the "rapprochement with evil."] The functional stupidity which these bloggers cultivated out of their political creationism is now set in stone. Day by inexorable day, their self-willed stupidity consumes them more and more. They have made themselves entirely worthless and completely irrelevant with regard to the most crucial issue in the world today.

And some of the progressive bloggers actually seem to still believe that the Democrats will end the occupation of Iraq.

Stupid, and not paying attention. As I explained in detail before:


And the progressive bloggers, just like the Democrats they service so slavishly, primarily think about the elections of 2008. Try, please try, to get a fucking clue. After we attack Iran -- and read the earlier piece and the numerous other essays linked throughout and at the end -- the world will be changed in countless ways, major and minor. I think the elections will go forward, and the major functions of our now loathsome government will continue as "normal" -- except that none of it will mean anything. And since we may be concluding the first six or eight months of a genuine and spreading world war, it's more than likely that the Republicans will keep the White House, and perhaps even take back one or both houses of Congress. The Democrats try to convince us that their dicks are just as big as the Republicans' (an especially neat trick for Hillary, but then she is so special), but given how this game is played at present, the Democrats' problem is that they always come too late, and not enough. The Republicans will always win this game, and they may well win it again after some nukes go off around the globe and people are dying in the millions.

And keep in mind that with regard to foreign policy, every politician in Washington is Larry Craig.

So. There you are. Have a nice holiday weekend. If the worst hasn't happened a year from now, I will be pleased beyond description to examine at excruciating length what a goddamned idiot I've been. Let it be so.

Unfortunately, I consider that prospect highly unlikely, and probably impossible. But you never know. Even after everything that has happened in the last six years, I still have hope.

So I am an idiot, after all.

PRIORITIES: I just received an urgent email from Media Matters. Like, totally super urgent. A call to action to stop an attack on Iran, and a possible nuclear world war? Oh, my. No, no, no.

A call to action to protest some of Tucker Carlson's remarks about the Craig story, which came perilously close to an endorsement of gay-bashing. And the MSNBC/Carlson story continues to be highlighted on Media Matters' homepage.

Carlson's remarks were reprehensible; so are these related comments from Jonah Goldberg. They both should be severely condemned. I'll have much more about the sources and meaning of these kinds of remarks in the very near future. But, dude, I don't think Carlson and Goldberg are, like, threatening the entire galaxy, know what I mean?

And I realize this is completely amazing, since I'm a freakish faggot and all, but I actually think an attack on Iran and its probable consequences are more important.

Well, there's some freaky faggot thinking for you.