August 15, 2007

Marvelously Deep Thought for the Day

Scratch a liberal, find a dhimmi.
Mark Steyn at The Corner (quoting, with full approval, an entry at another site).

Words fail. Or more accurately: there are many words, and not one of them is polite.

If you actually read one of the referenced stories (oh, astonishing endeavor!), you will also find that this falls into the category of: The Danger of (Remarkably Dishonest) Overgeneralization from a Meaningless Incident of Extraordinarily Minor Importance. It is one bishop, to whom no one appears to be paying any attention whatsoever ("the comments drew little support," although not necessarily for admirable reasons) -- not "Dutch bishops telling European Catholics to call God 'Allah'" ...

Well, anything to stoke that fear and loathing, eh, Steyn? All in a day's work...for Glory and Empire! On to Iran!