June 02, 2007

Be Afwaid. Be Vewy Afwaid.

I see that, as usual, Drudge is doing his valiant best, with a huge banner headline, to instigate another of our drearily predictable national nervous breakdowns, complete with tearing of hair, shouts of kinda, sorta impending doom, and announcements of The End of Civilization and the Destruction of, Like, Everything!

This story.

The reviews are typical for this kind of imitative, threadbare, tenth-generation knock-off:



Also as usual, when you read almost to the very end of the story, you see this:
Aviation officials said there is no major threat to air travel related to this plot since it was caught in the developmental stages.

One law enforcement official said: "[There was] credible intent to commit violence but it was not operational."

Officials said the suspects never got hold of explosive devices.
This is, how do you say...oh, yeah:


Or, as Scott Horton observes:
Every time this happens, it turns out that the whole damn thing was either made up by the state out of thin air, the idea to do something violent came from the undercover FBI informant or the "truth" was tortured out of the guy.

There’s no al Qaeda in America. As always, the biggest threat to our lives and liberties is the national government of the United States. Now you know how the rest of the world feels.

Partial list of bogus domestic terrorism plots...

Someday there will be real terrorists and Americans will die because the FBI is screwing around with a bunch of nonsense. Again.
"Now you know how the rest of the world feels."

Ain't that the simple, godawful truth.

UPDATE: Craig Murray:
We have all been saved again. Another deadly terror plot has been uncovered in its early stages, with plotters planning to blow up airliners/JFK/The NY Subway/Sears Tower (delete as appropriate). Doubtless Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to it already.

Tell you what, you all run around being terrified, I need an afternoon nap. Maybe I'll wake up to find we've invaded another country, or at the very least introduced the State of Emergency in the UK which Blair and Reid have been asking for.