May 23, 2007

A Murderer's Confession

While I realize that this manner of proceeding flies in the face of the aggressive anti-intellectualism of today's political "debates," where everyone adamantly refuses to identify the true meaning of his statements and will never acknowledge the premises underlying his argument, let me indicate briefly the reasons for my position, and my ultimate conclusion:

Iraq did not attack us.

Iraq did not threaten us.

Both facts were known to our political leaders and to many "ordinary" citizens before U.S. troops invaded Iraq in 2003. Thus, our invasion and occupation of Iraq are criminal acts of aggression, and crimes against humanity.

Every day that we have been in Iraq, and every day that we remain, we murder and maim innocent people who never harmed us, and who never wished to harm us.

The United States government and its military are engaged in large-scale acts of murder, torture and many other forms of monstrous inhumanity. Every person who supports and makes possible these continuing acts is similarly a murderer -- in spirit at a minimum, if not in fact.

At the opening of "The Missing Moral Center: Murdering the Innocent," I wrote:
If you have ever wondered how a serial murderer -- a murderer who is sane and fully aware of the acts he has committed -- can remain steadfastly convinced of his own moral superiority and show not even the slightest glimmer of remorse, you should not wonder any longer.

The United States government is such a murderer. It conducts its murders in full view of the entire world. It even boasts of them. Our government, and all our leading commentators, still maintain that the end justifies the means -- and that even the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocents is of no moral consequence, provided a sufficient number of people can delude themselves into believing the final result is a "success."

We are a nation that has voluntarily renounced all its most crucial values, and all its founding principles. We can appeal all we want to "American exceptionalism," but any "exceptionalism" that remains ours is that of a mass murderer without a soul, and without a conscience. We have destroyed the most basic foundation of liberty -- and the nature and meaning of our act has already, in less than a couple of weeks, almost entirely vanished from public discussion. It is useless to appeal to any "American" sense of morality: we have none. It does not matter how immense the pile of corpses grows: we will not surrender or even question our delusion that we are right, and that nothing we do can be profoundly, unforgivably wrong.

Remember the five-year-old Iraqi girl who was killed by the same bombs that killed al-Zarqawi. Remember the following, and try to understand it at long last. ...
Now, after the latest collapse of the Democrats on the funding bill for the ongoing slaughter in Iraq (in an eternal series of such collapses), Michael Tomasky, leading "intellectual" and "strategist" for the Democrats and beloved by most online liberals and progressives, writes:
As indefensible and tragic as the war is, this is the best Democrats can do right now. De-funding would have handed the Republicans a great argument going into next year's election--which is, of course, one in which Democrats have their best shot at winning the White House in a long time. Iraq is Bush's war, and Democrats need to make certain that it stays that way.
I saw this confession of complete and irredeemable moral bankruptcy via IOZ, who comments:
What's a little death between Super-Delegates? Blood under the bridge. But you know, this is America's war, and to an Iraqi the difference between George W. Bush, Harry Reid, Michael Tomasky, and the soldier holding a gun to his wife's face is really vanishingly small. Each speaks English; each is a coward; and none of them truly gives a damn.
Expressing much the same thought, I offer you the following from Chris Floyd, whom you should be reading every day -- and supporting, if you possibly can. And be sure to read Chris's latest, on the coming attack on Iran, an attack for which many Democrats appear to long even more than Bush. But that's alright: don't trouble yourselves to do a goddamned thing to prevent it.

This was contained in an email to me and, because it captures the point so perfectly, I asked Chris for permission to share it with you here, permission he very kindly granted:
Every day brings fresh news of how deeper we are digging the festering pit, and it is far past time for tinkering around with kid-glove "political tactics" that might, eventually, possibly result in the Democrats feeling bold enough to perhaps, in theory, take an action that could, conceivably, produce some infinitesimal mitigation of the hell we are living in now, and the greater hell we are feverishly constructing for the future. -- But hey, how about that Harry Reid, eh? I hear tell he's going to call some mini-sessions during the August recess to keep Bush from making interim appointments to a few minor posts here and there. That'll show 'em! Give 'em hell, Harry! [This of course after he finishes "negotiating" with Bush in order to keep funding the slaughter in Iraq.]
What is additionally nauseating, unforgivable and profoundly dishonest is the Democrats' attempt to convince themselves and the American public that the horrors of Iraq are acts that Democrats would never commit. As I demonstrate at length in the "Dominion Over the World" series, this is an outright lie. Both parties and all national leaders, save a handful of individuals, are committed to American world hegemony. Over the last hundred years -- beginning with Wilson, through Roosevelt, on to Korea and Vietnam, through Latin America, into the Balkans -- the Democrats have instigated more wars and covert operations, and been responsible for more deaths, than the Republicans. I say this while also recognizing the deep loathsomeness of the Bush administration. A tragically small number of us are capable of identifying evil and murder when they are committed by members of either party; not all of us are blinded and rendered implacably stupid by the demands of the most primitive and barbaric tribal loyalty.

The Democrats will not alter our foreign policy in any fundamental way. For God's sake, they began our current foreign policy, they crafted it, they maintained it throughout endless decades of slaughter -- and to judge by the statements of the major contenders, a future Democratic president will surely begin a war with Iran, if Bush does not do so first.

Almost every national politician embraces the murder of the innocent, funds it, approves it, and seeks to continue it. So, too, do inhuman monsters like Tomasky. These people have no souls that are recognizable, and the irreplaceable value of an individual human life has no reality to them. Iraqis are eviscerated, ripped apart, and mutilated every day -- and Tomasky and his fellow criminals refuse to defund the war, because it would hand "the Republicans a great argument going into next year's election."

God damn all these people to hell. And if you agree with and support any of them, God damn you as well.