February 23, 2007

And Still More News from the Land of Stupid!

Breathlessly picking up on this, a story that ascends to heights of Stupid rarely seen before (at least, by anyone who survived to tell the tale), Rush Limbaugh excitedly began the third hour of his program today.

"Now, this is mighty interesting," he ominously began (I paraphrase, but this is very close to what he said). "This woman, and she's a Democrat...well, I'm assuming she's a Democrat. I'm looking at her photograph, and you can usually tell by looking at them if they are or not, but in her case, it could sort of go either way."

A minute or so later, he said: "Oh, she's a Republican. Okay, a Republican. But does anyone doubt that if we cut and run from Iraq, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IRAN WILL DO???!!!"

Too much Stupid this early in the day. Bad for my health, and yours. Profuse apologies.

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And Still More News from the Land of Stupid!

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