January 23, 2007

Praise Be, the Democrats Will Save Us!

Or, which would appear to be rather more likely, they will deliver us straight into Armageddon:
"Iran is serious about its threats," former US Senator John Edwards has told an audience in Israel.

"The challenges in your own backyard – represent an unprecedented threat to the world and Israel," the candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination told the Herzliya Conference, referring mainly to the Iranian threat.

In his speech, Edwards criticised the United States' previous indifference to the Iranian issue, saying they have not done enough to deal with the threat.

Hinting to possible military action, Edwards stressed that "in order to ensure Iran never gets nuclear weapons, all options must remain on table."

On the recent UN Security Council's resolution against Iran, Edwards said more serious political and economic steps should be taken. "Iran must know that the world won’t back down," he said.

Addressing the second Lebanon war, Edwards accused the Islamic Republic of having a significant role, saying Hizbullah was an instrument of Iran, and Iranian rockets were what made the organization's attack on Israel possible. [See "To Destroy the World: En Route to Worldwide Slaughter," for a very different perspective on the Israel-Lebanon war.]

Edwards also discussed Syria's recent calls for peace with Israel, saying that "talk is cheap," and that Syria was not doing enough to prove it was serious.
And in terms of basic principles, this differs from the current administration's foreign policy...how exactly?

But I have to hand it to Edwards: he advances every single point of the warmongering establishment's plans for a wider war. Well done, John!

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(Thanks to Matt Barganier for the Edwards link.)