November 03, 2006

Yes, Rush! YES!!!!!

[And...more seriously...]

Limbaugh just mentioned Haggard's admission that "some" of the allegations against him are true. [MSNBC is updating that story, and it's already changed in the last few minutes since I first wrote this.]"some."


And Rushie-baby then said: "They're just pouring it on the evangelicals. They're trying to get you to question everything -- everything...up to and INCLUDING GOD!!!!"

Yes, Rush. YES!!!!!!!! EXACTLY!!!!!!!!

My absolutely genuine, sincere advice to Haggard and all those similarly situated: Buy more crystal meth! Lots more! Hang out with lots of gay escorts! Buy a lot more of both!!!!! Enjoy yourselves!! Have a great time!!!!!! (Seriously, though, be very, very careful with the meth. That stuff can mess you up in major ways. No similar problems with the escorts, though, as long as you play safely. Or with non-escorts, whichever you prefer.)

And then, slowly, very, very slowly, question EVERYTHING, even up to and INCLUDING GOD.

Do it. You have nothing to lose but your bigotry, your prejudices and your ignorance -- and you have nothing to gain but truly blessed, guilt-free pleasure.

Lots and lots of pleasure. Go for it, baby!

Here's a related post about icky gay sex...which, you know, isn't actually icky at all. It's very, very wonderful in fact. Try it sometime. :>)))))