October 27, 2006

Delusions that He Actually Matters a Damn

Pass the smelling salts:
MYERSTOWN — Likening the times to the late 1930s as Nazi Germany was rising to power, Sen. Rick Santorum said last night that if he loses his re-election bid, it could set the stage for terrorism to become more of a threat than the Nazis ever were.

"If we are not successful here and things don’t go right in the election, there’s a good chance that the course of our country could change," he said. "We are in the equivalent of the late 1930s, and this election will decide whether we are going to continue to appease or whether we will stand and fight while we have a chance to win without devastating consequences.

"And you here in Pennsylvania — you here in this room — will have a huge role to play as to what happens."


The United States declared war on the Nazis in Germany and imperialists in Japan during World War II, he explained, and this is no different.

"I’m sure that offended a lot of Germans when we went out and declared war against the Nazis and fought that concept, as it did the Japanese in America. When we fought Japanese imperialism it offended a lot of Japanese," he said. "But it didn’t deter us from identifying the enemy, what they’re about and what they want to accomplish. But because we’re dealing with religion, we cower away. We refuse to stand up and pinpoint the enemy, define it so the people of America will have a better understanding of what we’re up against."

The threat the United States is up against now is the greatest threat it has ever faced, Santorum said. Unlike every other threat, terrorists don’t care if they establish an earthly kingdom.


The race for his Senate seat is being watched all over the country, Santorum said, and it would be easy for him to win if the rest of the state were more like Lebanon County.

"But the state isn’t just Lebanon County, but that’s why Lebanon County needs to do more," he said, "because you’ve got someone who stands up for your values, someone who fights hard for agriculture in rural Pennsylvania. Not only do I get to Lebanon County at least once a year — I usually do more than once a year — but I get to all of our little counties at least once a year, and I work hard to make sure that they’re represented."
Wow. He'll fight for YOUR values, for AGRICULTURE in RURAL Pennsylvania, for ALL the LITTLE COUNTIES (well, at least once a year), and he will make sure we won't face DEVASTATING consequences and be destroyed by the IslamoNaziCommieJapaneseVisigoth, etc., etc., et al. HORDES! But EVEN MORE WORSER!!!!!

I am...I'm dumbfounded. Speechless with awe. OVERWHELMED!!!!

It approaches magnificence in its absolute, undiluted insanity. Isn't anyone keeping an eye on this man at all?