August 05, 2006


As I indicated just a few weeks ago, there are fairly regular occasions now when my bad health makes it impossible for me to do any writing. I'm thinking about a great many issues, and there are many subjects I'd very much like to address. But I can't concentrate for long enough periods to treat them in the manner they require. In addition, when I work at the computer, I now have only one chair to sit on. It is remarkably uncomfortable. When I'm not feeling well to begin with, I can only sit in it for about 20 minutes before having to give up. (It's a cheap plastic deck chair, which I borrowed from my landlords when my very old desk chair finally broke for good a few months ago.)

Given my overall circumstances, I simply have to wait for these periods to pass. Unfortunately, that means that the few people who check in here regularly have to wait as well. I'm sorry for the interruption, but there is truly nothing I can do about it.

I hope to be back sometime next week, but I can't guarantee that by any means. Hope to see you again soon.