July 17, 2006

"A Gift to the World"

Still one more time, I knew that Limbaugh would be spewing his dishonest, vicious, murderous neocon vision of the world today. (He was on vacation last week. Here's my account of the last time I listened.)

He opened this morning's program by announcing that "what's happening in the Middle East is a gift to the world." He is repeating the phrase endlessly: "a gift to the world."

Many of us have been pointing out why monsters like Limbaugh say this for some time:

They are apocalyptic crusaders, who seek redemption and a "purified" new world through worldwide devastation and death.

They want the widest war possible. As Chris Hedges and others discuss, the view of the neocon imperialist crusaders and that of militant Islam are mirror images of each other: "the other" must be demonized -- and now "the other" must be destroyed.

For Limbaugh and all the others like him, this is the perfect "opportunity" to have the confrontation they have wanted all along: the final battle with Iran.

And what is Limbaugh's justification for calling the spreading devastation "a gift to the world"? For Limbaugh and others who share this delusional, genocidal view of the world, this is the ultimate "clash of civilizations." As I write this, he is now saying that this war was "never intended to stop with Iraq." This is "finally" our chance to go after Iran. As he puts it, there will be no peace until one side finally defeats the other completely. I will leave to you the determination of precisely what such a defeat might entail, and how many people will have to die. And then, once the other side is completely defeated, "the winner must set the terms of surrender to the loser."

And then, finally, there will be peace -- the peace of a graveyard.

UPDATE: John has the audio, in the event you've committed some unspeakable crime and need to be appropriately punished.