June 15, 2006

Peter Beinart: Still Shameless After All These Years, and After All the Deaths

Jonathan Schwarz explains in detail, and concludes:
A) I hate this kind of corner-cutting on principle. But it's particularly inexcusable when, like Beinart, you're being paid $600,000 for it. (He supposedly got that for a two book deal including The Good Fight.) At those rates you can afford to include actual accuracy.

B) When you're criticizing people for believing something is "mostly hype," it's polite not to hype it.

C) Most importantly, as I said a million words ago, Beinart et al did exactly this kind of thing regarding Iraq. You'd think he couldn't continue doing it now and still live with himself. Fortunately, every graduate of Stutts University like Beinart undergoes highly toxic chemotherapy to kill their sense of shame.
Well, at least Beinart now has the money for really good drugs to dull the pain, if it ever starts to surface.