June 22, 2006

Mondo Bizarro

Bitter laughter appears to be the main menu item of the month:
Ron [Suskind] talked about Cheney's almost "Presidential-Vice Presidency" and claimed that the CIA determined the Bin Laden tape released the weekend before the '04 election helped Bush and that Osama wanted him re-elected.
Osama wanted Bush reelected??

Gee, ya think?


It's a remarkable and depressing phenomenon: a fact can be endlessly proven time and time again, and there are still huge numbers of Americans who absolutely refuse to credit it. Perhaps our new national symbol should be the ostrich with its head buried in the sand.

Well, at least Americans accept certain things. I mean, it's not as if they dispute the fact of evolution. That would just be incredibly stupid.

Oh, wait...

So going back to Osama for a sec: here's the thing. Since we and Osama are essentially in agreement about strategy and objectives...well...uh...who's fighting him exactly? How do you have a war when the supposed primary antagonists are on the same side?

Not for the first time, I have the sinking sensation that we're all trapped in a Rod Serling script. I hope he's having a good laugh about it. But I think there is a real danger that the rest of us -- those of us who maintain our tenuous hold on a reality that grows more insane by the day -- become increasingly shellshocked and numb to the outrages that surround us on every side. Well, more on that another time. Why ruin what could otherwise be a perfectly nice summer evening?