May 24, 2006


Our President is a great, wonderful and noble man, full of integrituditity. And that means that HE DOES NOT LIE.

And he has, like, awesome this one:
NSA AGENT: Sir, should we get a court order for this wiretap?

To appreciate the immense significance of this brief exchange (and our President's magnificent integritudinousness), you'll have to read this.

And yes, I WAS one of those disgusting "gay-married Saddam-lovers."* But now I have seen the error of my ways. Mea culpa!

I'm saved! Hallelujah!

*Well, except for the "married" part. Tried marriage; unfortunately, it didn't work out, you know? But I'm always available for, propositions. Feel free to write with any that you think might be worth pursuing.