May 05, 2006

Back Very Soon

[UPDATE -- MAY 22: My sincere apologies for yet another interruption in posting. I've been very sick for the last two weeks, and I was only able to get out of bed for short periods of time. I'm still feeling fairly lousy, but somewhat better than I've been. So I hope to be back to writing in a day or two. I'll need to take a little time to find out what's been happening on the internets in the meantime. And then I hope to return to regular business. My apologies again for the delay, especially after the magnificent generosity that so many of you extended. I'll be back very soon now.]

Please let me extend my immense gratitude to all of the incredibly kind readers once again. FedEx willing, I should have a replacement computer tomorrow. Blogging on a regular basis should begin again soon thereafter. This computer is practically dead. Email works once in a while, but it's largely hit and miss. And most of the time, it takes five to ten minutes for a single page to load. Unbelievably frustrating. It will be a miracle if this actually gets posted.

I truly am unable to express my thanks appropriately. You've all lifted my spirits immeasurably. I'm almost able to face another birthday (today, gulp) without fainting. Using my mathematics, I'm finally 26. How old I am using your mathematics is, frankly, none of your business. :>))

Thank you, thank you, thank you, still once again. And more blessings on all of you.