February 26, 2006

A Very Stupid Emergency, Dammit

A number of you have been wonderfully generous in making donations recently. As I indicated in the note at the end of this recent post, I can't properly express my gratitude. (And in the last entry, about war propaganda, I extended my thanks to the reader who bought a couple of items from my Wishlist. A few other people have purchased other items, and I offer them my grateful thanks, too.)

So I very much wish I didn't have to mention this, but circumstances force me to. Stupid circumstances, on top of it. I'm in the middle of an increasingly unpleasant dispute with my landlords. I know I'm right and they're wrong, but I may not be able to prove that to their satisfaction. The details are too dumb, boring and embarrassing to go into. Suffice it to say, I've learned a few lessons, and this kind of "misunderstanding" won't happen again.

I've given them the documentation I have that verifies my version of events, but if we're unable to resolve this disagreement, I may need about $500 by the end of the week, to avoid what could become an even more unpleasant situation. As I say, this won't happen again, but unfortunately it's happened this time, so I have to deal with it. As I've explained before, health problems prevent my doing other kinds of work now, so I depend on donations for my writing here (and at The Sacred Moment) for whatever income I have. If my writing is of some value to you and you'd consider making a contribution, I would be incredibly grateful. If my landlords and I can resolve this (please, God), I'll use whatever money comes in for some medical attention that I badly need, which I haven't yet been able to afford.

There are several new posts that I put up over the weekend, and I have a lot of writing planned for the coming week. So I hope to keep things moving around here. And if these very distracting financial woes were alleviated, so much the better. Less time for anxiety attacks, and more time for writing!

My sincere apologies for what I know can be annoying pitches for donations, and especially for this one. If it's any consolation, I feel like an idiot. I should have known better. I've learned my lesson, but I wish I could have learned it less painfully.

My very deep thanks once more for the wonderful kindness so many of you have shown.

(And for any suspicious types who may be out there: all donations go only for basics -- rent, food, electricity, etc. I still have a lousy dialup connection for my computer, and the computer itself is badly out of date and primitive. No scanner, not even a printer. And no broadcast or cable TV. I have a TV and a DVD player, thank God, but I can't get over-the-air reception where I live. So no frills at all, if you consider those items "frills." Can't afford any of them. If you could see my standard of living, you'd be appalled. It appalls me, but I try not to think about it most of the time.)