February 04, 2006

An Unfortunately Necessary Reminder

At the moment, the only income I make is from donations for my writing here and at The Sacred Moment. If you enjoy my writing and find it of some value, I would be very grateful if you considered making a contribution. A further description of my current circumstances will be found here.

My very grateful thanks to the few people who have made donations over the last several days. At the moment, I'm only about $200 toward my required goal. That means that it's very likely my landlords will begin eviction proceedings next week. Others may react differently, but I find it almost impossible to focus on writing when calamity is staring me in the face. So posting may be slow over the next little while. My apologies.

On top of all this, Blogger is acting up and doing very strange things. That too may present difficulties. I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on, but so far it's a complete mystery to me.

Many thanks again for your consideration.

UPDATE: Part III of my Iran series is now posted: Mythic War, and Endless Enemies. Among other issues, I explore how and why even many liberals and progressives have fallen prey to the Iran propaganda.

My deep thanks to those who have made donations in the last day. I'm profoundly grateful. (But my God, what a mess with Blogger, eh? Oy.) We're now up to $625, which is wonderful but still somewhat short of rent and a few basic bills (electricity, etc.). So if you haven't yet contributed but might consider it, I would be very grateful indeed. And I have more posts in the pipeline for later today and tomorrow.

And as always, my deep gratitude to John, a wonderfully kind and generous man.